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Water Jetter - Model 3004

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Model 3004   The Mustang 3004 Water Jetter combines awesome water pressure with an ample water flow rate for impressive drain-cleaning performance. Add these impressive features to our hose-propelling pulse technology and you have a machine ready to face even the toughest drain-cleaning challenges. For convenient transport, the 3004 includes a rugged cart and hose reel. Pneumatic tires and door-guard bumpers also help simplify transport.

  The body comes equipped with much of the most advanced jetter technology, including our over-temperature safety dump valve, 200 feet of high-pressure hose and our innovative stainless steel trap hose.

1503 04 with 1-phase electric motor, cart and hose reel
1503 05 with 3-phase electric motor, cart and hose reel
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Model 3004 Specifications
Line Diameter 10 in. (25.3 cm)
Line Length 300 ft. (91.2 m)
Operating Pressure 3000 psi
Operating Flow Rate 4 gpm (15.1 lmp)
Max Temperature 160F (71C)
Weight 155 lbs. (70.2 kg)
Water Pump Z-256 Pulse Pump
Gas Engine 13 hp
Dimensions 37" L x 35" W x 60" H                    (93.9 cm x 88.9 cm x 152.4 cm)
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