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Water Jetter - Model 4018

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Model 4018
Low Water Protection
Low Oil Protection
High Engine Temperature Protection
1/2" x 500' Thermal Plastic Hose
1/2" x 15' Yellow Leader Hose
5/8" x 150' Supply Hose, Mounted On Reel
Single Axle Trailer
   Hydraulic Brakes
Easy Access Pump Inlet Filter
Safety Engagement Clutch (enables engine to warm up without running the pump)
Hydraulic Hose Rewind
Rear Operator Control and Instrument Gauge
2 - 12 Volt Accessory Plugs
 Negative Ground Wiring
 5' Break Away Wiring Harness
Hitch Jack with Skid Plate/Swivel Caster Wheel
Class IV 2" Hitch with Safety Tether Brake
Automatic Pressure Regulator
Lockable Rear and Side Mounted Tool Boxes
5 Position Nozzle Holder - Located Inside Rear Tool Box
Torsion Axle Suspension
225-75-R15 - Tires/Wheels
Bearing Buddies
Open and Closed Nozzles for Hose
 20 Gallon Anti-Freeze / Winterization System
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Mustang Special
South 14th Avenue,    Mendota, IL  61342
Call 800/624-5934 email.gif (3086 bytes) Fax 800/568-3618