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Mustang Root Cutter   Put a Mustang Root cutter on the job to bore through stubborn roots, hard grease, compacted sand - you name it. This patent-pending design features a spade bit on the center axis and folding dual-flail cutter blades to demolish obstructions. It is self-propelled by jets of water, gliding directly to the blockage on low-profile operating skids. And it's built to withstand harsh conditions, with a lightweight, all-aluminum housing, stainless steel fittings, and a recessed hose connection. This innovative root cutter can operate at high rpm with pressures of 1,000 to 4,000 psi at flow rates up to 1.9 to 12 gpm.
Mustang Foot Pedal Stay one step ahead with this convenient foot/knee pedal. It acts as an on/off switch to free your hands during jetter operation. By controlling the power, you direct the water flow, so you'll be better able to prevent pooling of water. Adaptable to work with all Mustang jetters up to 4000 psi and 10 gpm.
Jet Thruster Head There are 8 basic types of jet thruster heads that are available, each with a specific function.
Trigger Wash Wand Trigger gun with 18" molded lance and nozzle for pressure washing. Also equipped with Quick-Connect Hose Coupler so that lance may be removed, allowing Jetter Flex-Hose to be quick-connected. For use on Jetters which have Over-Temperature Safety Dump Valve. NOTE: Does not have High-Low Nozzle for use with Siphon.
Triggerless Wash Wand Molded grip wash wand includes lance and nozzle. Works best when used with Pulse Eliminator.
Wash Wand Kit with Detergent Siphon Injector A siphon injector that is quick-connected to the jetter outlet. A Trigger Wash Wand w/30 feet of high-pressure hose is included. The High-Low nozzle on the lance controls the siphon action.
Chemical Spray Pail 5-gallon plastic pail. Screw fill cap has garden hose outlet. Included is a 30-inch section of garden hose. Used to feed antifreeze into pump for winterizing.
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Mustang Special

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