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The Cable that's Able

All Mustang cables are made from the finest music wire steel for optimum performance. each cable is heat treated and stress relieved for superior strength, flexibility and durability. In fact, strict quality controls and high manufacturing standards make Mustang cable among the finest available, at any price. Our expertly trained technicians manage sever factors to help ensure the quality of every cable: strength, hardness, torsional stress, diameter, length and 90-degree bend.

Mustang cables are available in hollow-core or Plasticore with ends to fit most manufacturers' machines, including Clean-riteŽ, CobraŽ, Electric EelŽ, GeneralŽ, MarcoŽ, MytanaŽ, RidgidŽ, Roto RooterŽ and SpartanŽ.

Plasticore Cables Hollow-Core Cables Cable Ends
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Mustang Special

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