logo.gif (9423 bytes) The cable machine has long been an industry standard. And none has been more reliable than our tough machines. They're notoriously sturdy and powerful, yet quiet and easily controlled. That's because Mustang cable machines were originally designed and built by experienced sewer and drain-cleaning professionals. You  simply won't find equipment more capable of handling the harsh environments of sewer and drain lines. That's why Mustang is know as the "Workhorse of Cable Machines."

Cable Machines

M20 The Mustang M20 drill machine may be light, but it's no light-weight. The M20 is perfect for cleaning drains up to two inches in diameter. It features a powerful 1/2-inch drill unit and an insulated pistol-grip handle, yet weighs just 11 pounds
M30 The lightweight M30 is easy to operate horizontally or vertically. It outperforms most drill machines and saves the operator time and money.
M40 This small unit packs a big kick, capable of clearing clogged lines up to three inches in diameter. And it's durable to boot, surviving even in the toughest environments.
NEW M45 Mustang introduces the all new Model M45 cable machine.
M50 Put this workhorse on your workforce. With its raw power and compact build, it's ideal for professionals, or for use in hospitals, schools, restaurants, apartments and factories.
M60 Economy and power combine in the M60 - one of our most popular models. It's bred for work in municipalities, industrial plants, restaurants, institutions, hotels and apartments.
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