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Accessories - Jet Thruster Head

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Jet Thruster Head There are 8 basic types of jet thruster heads that are available, each with a specific function.


A. Standard:  For long-distance jetting and line maintenance as in a preventive maintenance program.
B. Penetrating:  For clearing blocked lines using penetrating jet.
C. Cornering:  For aiding the hose in negotiating hard-to-access corners, bends, traps, back-to-back common drains.
D. Penetrating Brass Ball:  For clearing lines with suspected breaks and large obstructions. (not for 3004-01 or 3400 Models.)
E. Spring Ball:  For negotiating tight bends and speeding to the blockage with penetrating jet.
F. Snagger:  For "snagging" line obstructions such as towels.
G. Spinner:  For more thorough cleaning. rotates at a high rpm.Comes in both standard and trap sizes, with 1/4 and 1/8 inch fittings.
H. Plastic Spring Ball:  For use in Pyrex (glass) piping. Glides smoothly through pipe. Ideal where chemicals are used.
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