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Cable Machines - M40

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M40 This small unit packs a big kick, capable of clearing clogged lines up to three inches in diameter. And it's durable to boot, surviving even in the toughest environments.
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Unique inner drum helps minimize kinking, twisting or buckling of cables inside the drum. The closed face prevents cable from looping out of the drum
Self-aligning drum bearings to ensure smooth operation with grease zerks for easy lubrication
Heavy-duty cast aluminum drum and nose cone for longer wear
One-year limited warranty
M40 Specifications
Motor Heavy-duty, 1/3 hp capacitor start for easy load starting with forward/reverse switch
Drum Capacity 60 ft. of 1/2" or 75 ft. of 3/8" continuous length cable
Line Capacity 1 - 1/4 to 3" lines up to 100 ft.
Cable Feed Manual
Weight 48 lbs. with anchor cable
Dimensions 26" L x 16" W x 15" H


Cable Selection

3/8" or 1/2" Plasticore or hollow-core cable available in 50 or 100-foot lengths.
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