logo.gif (9423 bytes) Before you try to clear the blockage. Get a clear view, first. Our new Pipe Inspection System is designed to help you track down and identify the problem before you take action.

Pipe Inspection System

Use it to locate: Use it to inspect:
Offset/Leaking joints Clean-outs
Off-grade pipe Floor drains
Cracked/Broken pipe Utility/HVAC ducts
Infiltration Chimneys/Vent stacks/Flues
Blockages Drain/Water lines
Root obstructions Service conduits
Protruding laterals Yard drains
Recessed taps Service/House laterals
Corrosion Boilers
Collapsed pipe


Mustang Cam

It’s small and tough as diamonds. The Mustang color camera head measures a mere 1-3/8" in diameter and is only 2-1/4" long. Lit with 18 fully adjustable, super bright white LED’s, the camera has exceptional down line illumination allowing extraordinary clarity and crisp colors - devoid of hot spots - in pipes up to 18" in diameter.

Mustang manufactures its system using modular components, allowing you to diagnose problems in the field. Should a component require repair or replacement, Mustang can provide same day service so you never miss an opportunity to profit from your camera purchase.

The modular Mustang camera system offers remarkable picture clarity with one of the industry’s smallest camera heads. At a mere 1 – 3/8" in diameter and 2 – ¼" long, the Mustang COLOR camera head can comfortably shoot four inch traps, even in cast iron. For even smaller lines, the Mustang Black and White camera head is available, measuring just 1" in diameter and 1 – ¾" long.

The heavy duty Mustang camera case features wheels for easy maneuverability; an adjustable, retractable handle; a sunscreen/glare shield that acts as sunglasses for your monitor screen; and a completely removable cover that includes storage for cords and accessories. This case is designed and built exclusively for Mustang, to our rigorous standards developed from our years of experience in the sewer and drain cleaning industry.

The Mustang camera system control module features totally enclosed, self contained circuitry; an illuminated on/off switch, rheostatic light intensity adjustability that helps to reduce glare in the pipe; a built in, hands-free, super sensitive microphone with illuminated on/off switch; and the unit is fully fused against power surges. Mustang’s camera unit works equally well on A/C or 12 Volt power sources, and includes a 25’ GFCI power cord and 12’ DC power cord.

For the best performance and the most features in a camera system, choose the Mustang camera system. Your customers and your pocketbook will be glad you did!


Mustang's Mini Cam System

4 Configurations

  • Color camera with built-in locating beacon
  • Black and white camera with built-in locating beacon
  • Color camera without beacon
  • Black and white camera without beacon


The Divining Rod
of the Twenty-First Century.
Our optional Pipe Locating System allows you to trace the path of a pipe from above the ground, determining depth and the exact location of obstructions in the line-with depth-locating ability up to 35 feet.

The Pipe Inspection System is stocked for immediate delivery and backed by the Mustang Warranty.


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