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Tools Of The Trade

Mustang offers a complete line of quality tools and accessories for use with cable machines. All are designed for performance and manufactured for durability. You name it. We have it. From all-purpose Cutter Blades and Half Blades to Boring Gimlets and retriever Tools. Call for information or to order.


Cutter Blades Retriever Tools Tile Probes and
Half Blades Slotted Connector   Replacement Tips
2-3/4" Boring Tools   Blade holders 3" Extensions
2" Spear Blades Expansion Pins Cable Uncoupling
Paddle Blades "T" Wrenches   Stands
Saw lades Hydraulic Flushers Heavy-Duty Gloves
2" Spear Blades w/ Boring Gimlets Punches
  Female Screw Adaptors Allen Wrenches Button Head Screws
Downhead Boring Universal Blade Holders
  Gimlets   for 2, 3", 4" & 6"
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Mustang Special

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